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Brake pad and rotor replacement

Brake pad and rotor replacement.

  • 2 hr
  • Starting at $350
  • Royal Avenue

Service Description

Because front brakes provide most of your vehicle’s stopping power, they tend to wear out more quickly than rear brakes. When deciding whether or not to schedule a front disc brake repair service, there are some symptoms to consider. Squealing noises from the front brakes point to worn brake pads, while grinding noises are a sure sign that your rotors need servicing. If your brake pedal shakes when engaged, this may also be a sign of bad rotors. A vehicle that pulls to one side when braking indicates a bad caliper or uneven brake pad wear, which can result from uneven distribution of pressure in the brake lines. Besides incurring additional repair costs, leaving symptoms of an impending front disc brake repair untreated can lead to serious, stressful situations for both yourself and other drivers on the road. We proudly service the Front Disc Brake Repair needs

Contact Details

  • 1027 Royal Ave, New Westminster, BC, Canada

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